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Our story - Bridging nations

On 23 November 2018 Tuah inc. was established by a group of Malaysians living in Istanbul, Turkey. We are an international trading business that focuses primarily on procurement, sourcing, import & export, logistics, and consultancy.


We put special emphasis on the market in Turkey and Malaysia, from where most of our clients come. We have experience in handling shipping and logistics from Turkey to Malaysia and vice versa since day one of the company's establishment. We serve as a bridge to connect businesses between those two countries in terms of surveying potential industry, market and product analysis, business matching, and shipments.

All of our team members come from a variety of backgrounds in education and experience that complement each other in order to realize our company's vision, mission, and goals. But we all have one thing in common where each of us spent at least 2-8 years in Turkey for a variety of reasons. This makes us very well aware of, understand, and critical of Turkish cultures, people, systems, and markets.

Historically, a large part of our team has been involved in the tourism industry and handling the personal effects of our customers since 2012. As time passes, we have realized that Turkey as a newly industrialized country offers many opportunities as Turkey is one of the largest regional manufacturers and producers in a number of sectors such as agro-food, automotive, defense & aerospace, energy, infrastructure, machinery, mining & metals, textiles and many more.

Some see Turkey as Malaysia's diplomatic and economic gateway to Europe, with Malaysia becoming Turkey's entry point to the Asia-Pacific region.


Having said that, we aim to pursue various initiatives to strengthen economic cooperation between the two countries as well as to look for emerging markets in different regions.

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