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A message from our CEO

Malaysia and Turkey are almost 5,000 miles apart and seven time zones apart. They have a variety of historical experiences and state structures. The role that religion plays in their public life also differs considerably. However, Malaysia and Turkey have more in common than is widely acknowledged. They are both newly industrialized, middle-income, predominantly Muslim, and mid-sized countries in their respective regions. Both are also expected to play a stronger regional and global role in the coming years.

Since August 2015, the two countries have had a free trade agreement, but so far the increase in bilateral trade in goods has mainly worked to Malaysia's advantage. According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, Turkey's exports to Malaysia amounted to $365.4 million in 2018, while its imports from the country amounted to $2.13 billion.

The bilateral relationship between Malaysia and Turkey is a very promising one. Since the 15th century, countries have been interacting with each other, and their country's leaders are also engaged in bilateral relations. There are, however, a number of obstacles that could undermine these relations, from domestic issues to regional as well as global challenges.


However, as time passes, I hope that Malaysia and Turkey will continue to work together to promote a positive example of moderate-democratic Islam to their global audience.


Personally, I see Tuah inc. as a global trading company for the import and export of products and the provision of services to a wide range of clients worldwide, particularly between Malaysia and Turkey.



Radin Khairul Akmal


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