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Tuah inc. is committed in developing solutions that provide the most added values to your businesses.

Procurement & sourcing services

Language barrier and local unique preferences pose the greatest market obstacles. Let us provide you with customized services, choosing the right supplier of goods or services and manufacturer



Sea - Land - Air

No greater feeling than having peace of mind knowing that your products will arrive at its destination safely and on time. Strong co-operation between our logistic partners ensures your products will have smooth journey ahead.


Bringing your freight directly to you.



Procuring and sourcing in Turkey and Malaysia may be the solution you need to grow your business so market insights are crucial. We are here to help and guide you to make better choices in growing your businesses. We believe in standing next by our client all the way through -- we are here to stay.


We offer free consulting services for your company. For personalized services don't hesitate to contact our team.

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