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Tuah inc.

We are committed to providing the solution to your procurement and sourcing needs.

Our story - Bridging nations

Since the beginning we had the idea of being the bridge between Turkey and Malaysia, this is our way of realizing our dream.


Our vision and mission

We are working towards establishing our presence in a brighter future.


A vision beyond the horizon

Being a comprehensive and sustainable world-class trading company particularly in Europe and ASEAN

Our mission is our path

  • Reinforcing bilateral relations between Malaysia and Turkey with the ultimate objective of achieving trade balance.

  • Providing support and solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to bolster their business.

  • Establish strategic thinking in all procurement efforts, focus on delivering value through efficient processes, integration of innovative technologies, and exceptional customer relations.


Our core values

Values that we hold true to our hearts - our compass.


People at the center of our attention

Striving to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competetive advantage.

Transparency, Openness, and Integrity

Inspiring trust and accountability through upholding ethical and professional standards. We encourage a collaborative way of working via knowledge exchange, saying what we mean, doing what we say, and taking responsibility for our actions.

Agility and result driven

We strive to meet our obligations with our clients' interests in mind, and to the highest quality possible.

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A message from our CEO

Read about our CEO's vision and why he founded Tuah inc..

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